Ryder Vassori


Name: Ryder Vassori
Pantheon: The Aztlanti
God: Tlaloc
Hometown: Minden, Louisiana
Age: 22
Education: Some high school

General Bio: Ryder Vassori was born in Minden, Louisiana on November 15th, 1990 to Olivia Vassori. The young mother tried to raise Ryder alone, but when Ryder was about three years old Olivia realized she was in over her head. Olivia put the girl up for adoption with the promise that one day she would come back for her. Ryder spent most of her life in foster care, some good houses, some not so great. One thing that she did take out of her various homes was how to protect herself.

When she was sixteen, she was able to leave a particularly horrible home with some friends from her school. They were able to make it to Philadelphia and settle in with some other friends. They used their abilities to break into houses and cars when they need money. Ryder found she was pretty good at breaking into houses, even with the most sophisticated security systems. She had been caught a few times, but breaking out of minimum security prisons are easier than some of the places she’s gotten into. She is currently living in North Philadelphia near Temple University with a few friends.

Ryder Vassori

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